Watch: “The guy who covered me was shot in the back”, DJ Switch said, as she reveals what the military, police and SARS operatives did during the Lekki Toll-Gate Shooting.

The day 20/10/2020 will forever be regarded as one of the darkest days in the history of Nigeria. On the 20th of October, 2020, peaceful protest by the youth of Nigeria was characterized with shooting and killing after military and SARS operatives allegedly storm the place.

A prominent individual who has been active through out the protest until the shooting incidence is Nigerian Disc Jockey popularly known as DJ Switch. The performing artist cum DJ has been quiet after the shooting, but has finally cleared the air on what actually happened at the Lekki Toll-Gate.

She released a video on her social media handles detailing what transpired at the toll-gate. She began by asking the leaders to stop minimizing the pain of the people. “Good morning, I just want to thank everyone for the support, the well wishes, and thank you for your prayers. … my life was being threatened for speaking up …”. she said.

DJ Switch also mentioned that, she sustained some injuries and had to receive treatment, hence her inability to address the public. She also thanked some people who risked their lives to save her’s.

 I just want to clear a few things that I’ve been seeing online. To our leaders, I urge you please do not minimize the suffering of families.
Do not insult the grief of Nigerians, do not insult the intelligence of Nigerians. Do not insult the pain that families are facing. People were falling left and right…

She described how everything happened completely in tears. She also showed evidence of the presence of the police at the Lekki Toll-Gate.

Watch video below:

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