Watch Video: Anas Aremeyaw Anas exposes Hospital staff selling PPE’s for personal gains.

Not too long ago, Anas Aremeyaw Anas dropped an investigative piece exposing fake corona-virus cures from some quack doctors. This investigative piece took the world by surprise as Anas prefers working in secret until the information is ready.

People would have thought, since Anas released the piece about the quack doctors, he will take a break for a while. Well, Anas being Anas is unpredictable and he has surprised the world yet again. An investigative piece by Anas was released by BBC News Africa on their Facebook page.

This investigative piece paid attention to hospital staffs who are profiting from the sale of PPE’s meant for health workers. In the video, some named hospital staffs are seen selling PPE’s meant for health workers to individuals.

This is happening at a time where, workers are getting infected by the coronavirus in their line of duty as a result of insufficient PPE’s.

Some doctors, as well as hospital administrators have lamented over the issue after Anas showed the video to them.

Watch Video below:

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