Watch Video: “…I think, I am a small god…” Okyeame Kwame proclaims.

Kwame Nsiah-Apau popularly known as Okyeame Kwame is a Ghanaian musician, songwriter, entrepreneur, and a creative director. The Rap Doctor as he is also known declared on radio that he thinks he is a small god.

It all started when he was asked by the host to mention his lucky number. The multiple award winner, chose 7 as his lucky number because he believes God is associated with the number 7.

“… I think that, I’m a small God … God is everything and everything is God. Considering my age now, I’m a combination of everything. All the food I have eaten contributed to my growth … the human is a spirit, and the presence of that spirit is God …” he added.

Watch video below:
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