(Whistleblower): Instagram is harmful to teenage girls, makes eating disorders and thoughts of suicide worse – Facebook’s Internal Research

Facebook is under pressure after a whistleblower revealed serious research findings about the effects of Instagram on teenage girls. All hands are on deck by the Facebook team to quell the uproar over Instagram’s effects on teenage girls.

This is in the wake of series of articles published by The Wall Street Journal that Facebook knew about the effects of Instagram on teenage girls. These articles are made up of research findings that were leaked by a whistleblower.

According to the study revealed by Frances Haugen the whistleblower, 13.5% of teenage girls say Instagram makes thoughts of suicide worse, and 17% of the girls say Instagram makes eating disorders worse.

She made these revelations during an interview on “60 Minutes”.

These revelations have caught the attention of lawmakers and regulators many of whom have moved quickly to call the company to account.

“…and what’s super tragic is Facebook’s own research says, as these young women begin to consume the same sort of content, they get more and more depressed and it actually makes them use the app more…” Frances Haugen said.

She further added; “…Facebook’s own research says, …Instagram is distinctly worse than other forms of social media…”.

Watch the interview:

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