Who wins the battle? Stonebwoy and Bridget Otoo throw punches at each other over Menzgold Saga.

Stonebwoy, a musician, and Bridget Otoo, a media figure, have had a heated argument on social media.

After Stonebwoy introduced a non-fungible token (NFT) SidiCoinNFT on Monday, Ms Otoo cautioned the former against publicly endorsing investment transactions.

She claimed that the dancehall musician’s move would be callous given his ambassadorial role in the Menzgold issue.

Prior to this, Stonebwoy tweeted to introduce his supporters to this new venture, informing them that things are changing and that joining SidiCoinNFT will enable any diligent individual to gain money.

Bridget Otoo, on the other hand, takes issue with this.

“You are part of the ambassadors of Menzgold who championed and lead customers to lose money. Some have died as a results of the Menzgold scam. Do you think it is fair to introduce them to another “money making venture”? Do you really care about them?” Bridget responded.

Stonebwoy responded, “I think it’s very BIASED and PREJUDICED to pin the loss of lives and properties on ambassadors WHO in NO WAY RAN the said company…”

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