Yaalika Foundation Launched: The Foundation is set to revive the Ghanaian dream through Quality Education and Mentorship

Yaalika is a Children Centered Charity Foundation established with the priority of improving the educational experience of students in deprived communities across the county.

On December 18, 2021, the Yaalika Foundation was launched at ‘cheerful tortoise, located in Fumbisi, the Builsa South District capital. The three tenets of the Yaalika Foundation are ‘Lead’, ‘Inspire’, and ‘Make a difference’.

Gracing the Launch were prominent people from the district such as; Chief of Uwasi, Chief of Wiesi, Chief of Gbedema, Chief of Kanjarga, Builsa South District Assistant Director of Education, Builsa North Assistant Director of Education, Headmasters, Builsa South Health Coordinator, and Religious leaders.

Chiefs and other people present at the launch

Also, in attendance were students representing the various schools in the district as well as parents and community members.

Addressing the people present at the launch, the founder of the foundation, Mr. Akantogdaam Prince highlighted the various problems hindering education in the community. He also mentioned how the foundation will work tirelessly to ensure that every student is giving the necessary assistance and mentorship to enhance their education experience.

“The Yaalika Foundation was established so that, students from deprived communities will not face the challenges we faced while in the basic, junior, and senior high schools” Akantogdaam said. “We will solicit for scholarships for needy but brilliant students”.

“There are a lot of factors hindering the education progress of students. Some of these factors are, inadequate infrastructure, lack of teaching and learning materials, lack of commitment from teachers, low income of parents,” he added.

Akantogdaam Prince – Founder of Yaalika Foundation

He also mentioned that, though farming is good, parents should not allow their children to absent themselves from school for farming activities. Parents should also make it a point to show interest in their children’s education.

Julius Kwame Anthony, the NUGS general secretary also addressed the audience on behalf of NUGS. He said that the objectives of the Yaalika foundation is in line with what NUGS seeks to do and he urged members of the community to support the Yaalika foundation to realize its dreams for it’s for the development and growth of our children.

Julius Kwame Anthony

Read more about the Yaalika Foundation’s vision, mission, objectives, and purpose below;


To become a worldwide Children Centered Charity Foundation, reviving the Ghanaian Dream.

Our Mission

To extend educational, financial and moral support to needy children starting from the Builsa South District of Ghana, with the hope of helping to raise productive individuals whose human resources can be harnessed in the fulfillment of the Ghanaian Dream of becoming the beacon of hope for Africa.


  • To serve as a beacon that will improve the educational outcome and boost the zeal of students to learn and advance in their educational pursuit through mentorship, teaching and organizing of educational programs.
  • To create awareness of opportunities and programs or courses as well as educate them on scholarships that are available at the tertiary cycle of education and how they attain it.
  • Reduce early marriages, strategically improve and build knowledgeable human resources that can be harnessed in the fulfillment of the Ghanaian dream of becoming the beacon of hope for Africa.

Why this initiative?

The initiators of this idea, believe that there is a greater Ghanaian Dream which goes beyond the culture of individualism that has infiltrated the very fabric of our Ghanaian society and Culture.

We believe as individuals who strive for the best of the earth’s gifts, we share a common creed that ‘holds these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Our social stratifications, rich and poor, educated and illiterate etc., have managed however to set these common belief aside. We believe now is the time to identify our common identity and our equality as Ghanaians and relate with the fact that when young kids in the streets of Fumbisi, in the savannas of the North, in the streets of Nima, and other parts of Ghana, are uneducated, we are all illiterates too.

When the cocoa farms of Bono Ahafo and Ashanti is the only civilization they know, when our young girls trade their bodies for fish in the central region, then we are poor savages as well.

The only thing that makes us Ghanaian, is our common identity as people who tag other bearers of our identity along as we pursue our individual development. People who with their advantages support the disadvantaged. People who know, that what lives on even after us is our identity as a country; Ghana and the values she is noted for.

This is therefore a clarion call, to all men who share in the Ghanaian dream, to arm themselves and answer charity’s call for a war against illiteracy, child abuse, child labour and all the bannermen of poverty. The Ghanaian dream counts on you to live on!!!


  • Donation of Educational Resources to deprived Basic Schools starting from the Builsa South District.
  • Lobbying for scholarship slots for brilliant but needy students.
  • Organizing Talks and Seminars for both Junior and Senior High Schools.
  • Also undertake periodic health screening and health awareness campaigns, including personal hygiene maintenance support for females.
  • Community based projects[ lobbying for social amenities for deprived communities]
    Street and Ghetto outreach.
  • Reporting of Child Abuse cases and possibly seeking justice for victims.
  • Other projects as may be determined by leadership and the passing of time.
Students present at the launch

To show their willingness to start tackling the educational needs of students, ‘Project 500 Chairs’ was set in motion during the launch. This project came about as a result of the fact that most schools in the Builsa South and North Districts have limited chairs for students use.

The leadership of the Yaalika foundation therefore launched this project to help provide a good number of chairs for the schools. They pleaded, “In the coming days, we’ll be knocking at your doors to help us realize this project.”

The Yaalika Foundation is calling on all well wishers to support the vision to ensure that the future leaders of the country are trained the right way.

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