Watch: You can’t dance this way without eating 10 bowls of ‘Tuo Zaafi’

I know most of us have not been to the north before. But, I bet we have all heard about how hospitable the people from the north are. Well, for those of us who have been there a couple of times, got to witness something more from the north.

The way they dance! There are a variety of dances from the north. But one thing that cuts across all the dances are the level of the energy used in performing the dance moves. A lot of energy is needed to perform a dance move. The video below shows some of these dance moves.

Scenes from Builsa Cultural festival.

Certainly, this has got a lot to do with their way of living. This is what keeps them healthy, strong, active and energetic.

If you want to experience more of this dance moves, just take a leave to the north and see for yourself. Visit the north and meet with these lovely people and you might just buy a land and settle there.

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